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Superbills - How to get money back from insurance for out of network therapists!

Updated: Feb 20

Maybe you found a great therapist and learned they aren't In Network with your insurance. Or maybe you're just starting to learn about therapy and have heard whispers of the mysterious "Superbill". Either way I'm hoping you will learn more here! In this blog post, I'm going to break down what superbills are, how they function, and how to use them to get some cash back from your insurance provider. Let's dive in!

What's a Superbill, Anyway?

A superbill is like a super-detailed receipt that shows everything a mental health professional did for you during a specific time frame. It's got all the important info, like the therapist's contact details, their license and National Provider Identifier (NPI) number, your personal info, the dates you had sessions, the diagnosis codes, and the procedure codes for each visit.

Just so we're clear, superbills aren't the same as regular invoices or receipts. While they do show how much you were charged for the services, they also have all the specific details insurance companies need to give you some money back.

How Superbills Help You Get Reimbursed

A lot of mental health pros, especially those who run their own private practices, don't bill insurance companies directly. Instead, they work "out-of-network," meaning you pay them upfront and then get reimbursed by your insurance provider.

This is where superbills come in. When you send a superbill to your insurance company, you're showing them that you got mental health services from a legit provider. That way, they can figure out how much money they should give you back based on your insurance plan.

How to Use Superbills for Reimbursement: Step-by-Step

  1. Double-check your insurance coverage: Before getting started with therapy, make sure you know what your insurance plan covers. Look into whether it covers out-of-network providers, how much it'll reimburse you, and if there are any limits on mental health benefits each year. At the bottom of this page I've linked a tool that can help you quickly access your out of network benefits.

  2. Find a mental health professional: Search for a licensed therapist who's cool with giving you superbills for insurance reimbursement. Don't forget to ask about their fees and if they offer any sliding-scale payment options.

  3. Get a superbill after regularly: After every therapy session or once a month, ask your therapist for a superbill. Make sure it's got all the info your insurance company needs, like their NPI number, diagnosis codes, and procedure codes.

  4. Send the superbill to your insurance provider: Fill out the claim form from your insurance company, attach the superbill, and send it off. Be sure to follow their guidelines and deadlines for submitting claims. Alternatively because of my partnership with Mentaya I can also submit these on your behalf.

  5. Keep track of everything: Hang on to all your claims, superbills, receipts, and any messages you've sent to your insurance company. This way, you'll have everything handy if you need it later on.

  6. Keep an eye on the reimbursement process: Insurance companies can take a while to process claims, so be patient. If you run into any issues, like a denied claim, reach out to your insurance company's customer service or an insurance advocate for help. Mentaya will do this part for you if we decide to submit through their service.

Superbills are the key to getting reimbursed by your insurance company for psychotherapy services. By understanding how to use them effectively and staying on top of your insurance coverage, you can make the most of your mental health benefits and take care of your well-being without breaking the bank. So go ahead, invest in yourself and get the support you need!

It can be complicated to check out of network benefits, which is why I have partnered with Mentaya to help my clients save money on therapy. Use this tool below to see if you qualify for reimbursement for my services.

If you're looking for a therapist and feel like we might be a good fit feel free to reach out via my contact form and we can have more of a conversation!

*This post was written in collaboration with generative AI.

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