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A full, meaningful life belongs to you. I want to help you rediscover it. 

Providing meaning centered teletherapy and support.

Specialized in working with indviduals exploring LGBTQ+ identity, trauma, and anxiety.


Hey, I'm Elliot. 

I'm a telehealth therapist licensed in Washington and Minnesota, specializing in working with gay/queer people. I started this practice to provide support to people on a journey to better understand themselves, their story, and ultimately who they want to be. 

I provide confidential HIPAA compliant telehealth through Google Meet, giving you the flexibility to be in therapy without having to pause your regular rhythm. If you have a phone or internet connection and a desire to explore, you are able to do teletherapy. 

If you want to know more and schedule a free first session fill out this contact form and I'll get back to you ASAP! 


**Supervision services will become available in September 2023**


If you are new clinician and are looking for regular supervision and support I would love to help! My supervision strategy is collaborative and focusses on helping you find and connect with your own wisdom and intuition in the work you're doing. 

To learn more about supervision, including my speciality areas and how to get connected, click here.

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Teletherapy is a therapeutic relationship, but right where you are. It's that easy. Using the confidential, HIPAA compliant Google Meet platform you are able to access your therapist from the comfort of where you are. 

Maybe you work from home and are looking to start therapy without having to commute...

Maybe you live outside of a major city but still want to work with a specialized professional...

Maybe you feel more comfortable talking and connecting in a space that's familiar to you...

If so, teletherapy could be a great option for you!

Fill out this contact form to learn more in a free first session!

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Therapy to fit your life.

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