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Group Therapy

Group therapy offers an environment that maximizes healing benefits of relationship. For many, groups provide the perfect mix of support and challenge to move forward in the process of exploring their questions. 

Joining a group is an easy process. When a group opens, those people who are on the interest list are contacted for an initial 15 minute phone-screening at no cost. This screening is used to assess an individual's compatibility with this group. For some, this screening may identify that individual counseling would better serve their goals. 

The group will then meet for a fixed number of session or until therapeutic goals are accomplished. 

There are many focal points a group can have. My practice usually runs LGBTQ+ Adult/Adolescent support groups, Mindfulness Groups, and Spirituality/Meaning Groups. Other groups may be offered periodically. 

Current Open Groups:

There are currently no open groups available. 

If you have interest in what groups are currently being offered or would like to let me know what other type of group you would be interested in, please send me an email at

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